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How to write a SWOT Analysis

A SWOT is completed for the final case study this week. This video will however be useful in your final exam. Use weaknesses to build objectives

How to write a Mission Statement

In order to write a Mission Statement, I first visited the Chateau Montebello web site and then watched this video to understand a little more about the business. I wrote down words that I picked up from the video and web site. Try it for yourself then watch how to write a Mission Statement below. It … Continue reading

Strategic Marketing Plan – the last module

A strategic Marketing Plan is covered in Module 5; the last step in MKT2235. It is a great way to tie all the modules together. Open your notes for Module 5 and follow along these short videos and you will be prepared for this week’s class.  Take notes as you watch. The first video below … Continue reading

How to write an Objective

In this last video, I write four quick objectives for the Chateau Montebello. Have a question? Don’t hesitate to ask here.

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