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How to write a SWOT Analysis

A SWOT is completed for the final case study this week. This video will however be useful in your final exam. Use weaknesses to build objectives

How to write a Mission Statement

In order to write a Mission Statement, I first visited the Chateau Montebello web site and then watched this video to understand a little more about the business. I wrote down words that I picked up from the video and web site. Try it for yourself then watch how to write a Mission Statement below. It … Continue reading

Strategic Marketing Plan – the last module

A strategic Marketing Plan is covered in Module 5; the last step in MKT2235. It is a great way to tie all the modules together. Open your notes for Module 5 and follow along these short videos and you will be prepared for this week’s class.  Take notes as you watch. The first video below … Continue reading

What is Fresh?

A quick video of Fajitas made in the Lone Star, (YouTube) suggests freshness, right? Look again 🙂

Lone Star and Social Media

Lone Star Texas Grill has made use of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram. Some of the scenarios this week will address their use and make suggestions.  Do you think Lone Star use the tools effectively? How well do these tools support strategies for the mature stage of the product life cycle? See page 285 in your text for a … Continue reading

Lone Star Texas Grill Case

This case is a little bit different. Located on Baseline and Fisher, it is a few minutes from the college, is a local success story and you can visit it easily to get some ideas for the case. If you don’t get to visit, take a look at their web site and consider the restaurant’s … Continue reading

Starbucks Coffee

When McDonald’s copies Starbucks, it is called a Reactive Strategy. When Starbucks designs a new coffee, based on market research and strategic planning, it is a Proactive Strategy. How has Starbucks differentiated in this ad?  There are lots of ways. Comment below 🙂

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